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Welcome to the home of the best all in one Phantom forces script and injector. With over 25! different features and limitless possibilities you will destroy every server. Our all in one Phantom forces script and injector Is fully UNDETECTED and free to download. Working in 2023! We are constantly working on new features and updates. The costs for our projects are fully funded by donations. So if you like our phantom forces script + injector we would appreciate a small donation!

Endless Opportunity

Take your gaming experience to the next level with our unbeatable Phantom Forces script! Dominate the battlefield and reign supreme over your enemies with ease. With a variety of hacks and cheats at your fingertips, nothing will stand in the way of your victory. Say goodbye to endless hours of frustration and hello to endless hours of dominance. Whether you're looking to increase your rank, show off your skills, or just have a blast, our Phantom Forces script has got you covered. And the best part? Maximum safety is guaranteed, so you can continue using our tools with confidence while others are detected. Don't wait, unlock your full potential now and join the ranks of the elite players!

About our Phantom forces script

The best free Phantom forces script on the market.
fully Undetected and working in 2023.


Not everyone has the perfect shooting skills in phantom forces, that’s why our aimbot was created to help you improve your gameplay.

It’s highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your playstyle. Some of the key settings include: aimbot accuracy, aimkey, smoothing and FOV slider, visibility-check, bone selection and recoil control.

Our aimbot is the best in the market, it has a variable algorithm, aim sliding, distance-damage calculations and it also features a human component. It will help you hit every shot you make, without locking to the same body part over and over again

Additionally, we’ve also developed a special type of movement prediction algorithm to help you always one stay one step ahead of your opponent and secure every kill without getting caught


Winning in phantom forces requires more than just good aim, it also requires knowledge of your opponents’ movements.

Our wallhack allows you to see your opponents through walls, obstacles, and objects, giving you an edge in the game.

This wallhack is a game changer because it allows you to quickly come up with a good strategy, even if you dont like using other cheats like a aimbot.

The key elements of our wallhack include: Snap-line ESP, see enemy health bars, enemy names, enemy distance, skeleton-tracing and zero performance-drops


The 2D Radar included in our phantom forces script is a powerful tool that should not be overlooked.

It will come in handy when you’ve finished attacking an enemy and want to make sure no enemies are left behind.

Stragglers can be a nuisance and cause problems during gameplay, but with our 2D Radar you can easily locate and eliminate them, ensuring a seamless gaming experience

phantom forces script
Phantom forces? what is it?

Embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey with Phantom Forces, a first-person shooter that combines strategy and intense action. Assemble your team and battle against up to 16 players in a test of wits and skill. Arm yourself with the latest military hardware, including realistic weapons that require precise and skilled gunplay. Experience lightning-fast gameplay and out-of-this-world responsiveness in a game that’s pushing the limits of first-person shooters.

Despite being six years old, Phantom Forces continues to draw in players and hackers alike, all eager to test their skills in a game where the skill gap is high. Currently, the game is available for PC, with plans to expand to other platforms in the future. But don’t let the Roblox anti-cheat technology hold you back. With our in-game Phantom Forces script, you can cheat and hack with complete anonymity and never have to worry about being caught. So what are you waiting for? Join the ranks of elite players and dominate the battlefield today!


What are the benefits of using a phantom forces script?

You may learn to use our phantom forces script in this game with the help of this unique manual. What are the reasons to use it? Some sick features and use cases of our phantom forces script will be featured below!

Share this Phantom forces script with your friends!

People get too caught up in the thrill of competition to remember that phantom forces is meant to be fun and enjoyed together. So, get your mates together and set up some exclusive phantom forces script contests.

Explore the map in free mode!

When in free mode, you can go anywhere in the map even past the invisible walls. In addition, the Roblox developers hide a few secret spots across the maps, try and find them all, it’ll take a good eye!

Practice lining up

To turn on free mode, press the assigned key (usually F4). To find out where your skills stand, try out a custom lineup, immediately turn on ghost mode, and journey along the trajectory. These crazy features are only found in our specific phantom forces script.


Our phantom forces script. How to make the most of it.

Our hack can be used in every kind of game mode. Play with your friends while using our phantom forces script, you can start a game on any map you feel like. It’s a lot of fun, so you should defiantly give it a go. our phantom forces script can disable all damage and give you access to an infinite supply of weapons and ammo. Why not try it then? We are the only ones in any kind of public and private game that cheats are allowed and are 100% undetected. Other online players can join your game if you set the settings to “open,” and you can invite anybody to a “closed” game. It makes us unique amongst all the other phantom forces script that are out there. Whether you are a normal online player or you tend to play a more private game, none of these matter!

How do I make the phantom forces script work?

With a few simple clicks, you can turn our phantom forces script on. Just do what’s written below.

● All you have to do is run our file as admin

● Then, press the F4 button.

● As soon as you’re in-game, open the in-game GUI.

● You’ll see that the multiplayer and private games are working.


Step up your game with our Phantom Forces Script! Take control with the toggle button on the GUI main menu, granting you access to a plethora of game-changing scripts. No need for tedious console commands, all options are at your fingertips in the dedicated menu. Simply choose your desired hacks and modes, hit the escape key, and access the Phantom Forces Script in the top right corner of the window.



Some more awesome features!

Say goodbye to the frustration of uncontrollable recoil! With our Phantom Forces script, you can eliminate it entirely and dominate the battlefield with deadly accuracy. No need to spend hours practicing and trying to get used to a gun’s recoil. Simply activate the no recoil feature and watch your shots hit their mark every time. The road to victory has never been smoother, so what are you waiting for? Eliminate recoil and take your game to the next level with our unbeatable Phantom Forces script today!.

Wall hacks – ESP

Unlock your gaming potential with Phantom Forces script ESP! See right through walls and locate enemy players effortlessly. No more surprises, just aim and strike with pinpoint accuracy. Stay connected with your teammates and never miss a chance to secure valuable loot, all thanks to the ESP’s real-time highlighting.

Don’t fall behind in the race! Nearly everyone is utilizing ESP, making detection and proof a tough challenge. Stay ahead of the competition and equip yourself with the unbeatable Phantom Forces hack, featuring the indispensable ESP feature. Join the elite and dominate the battlefield, starting now!


Unleash devastation on your enemies with the phantom forces script aimbot feature! Don’t fall victim to sneak attacks – with our aimbot, you’ll always be one step ahead. Target any part of the enemy player model for maximum damage and say goodbye to spread and recoil. The aimbot’s pinpoint accuracy, wall-breaking bullets, and long distance range will give you the upper hand in any battle. And with instant kills, auto-fire, and auto-switch, your enemies won’t stand a chance.

Make your mark as the ultimate Phantom Forces player with our advanced aimbot. Outperform your competition and secure quick kills with ease. The game prioritizes well-placed shots, so don’t let mediocre aim hold you back. With our phantom forces script, you’ll dominate the battlefield and rise to the top. The time is now – seize the advantage with our aimbot feature


Our script comes with a high tech built in 2D radar. This means your enemy’s will always been visible on the mini map, unable to hide in those clutch moments. its great if you would like to play more legitimately but still get that slight advantage.


“Looking for an edge in battle? Want to make every shot count? Then the instant kill feature is for you! With this powerful tool, every bullet will deal maximum damage to your enemies. Secure the win for you and your team with ease – try the instant kill feature today!


Tired of that pesky spread ruining your gameplay? Feel like it’s completely out of your control? Think again! Our hacks give you the power to eliminate spread once and for all. Your bullets will fly straight and true, like a laser beam slicing through the battlefield. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to unparalleled precision – get our hacks today!

Here is another list of some even more phantom force script features!

With this you can enable a key and be able to fly around the map, even all the out of bound zones!

Pause the game you’re in

With this feature of the phantom forces script activated, you’ll be able to freeze the match timer to whatever time you’d like!

Max level

After one game played you’ll receive max XP and reach the very last level of phantom forces

End game

With this selected you’ll be able to ruin everybody’s day and instantly end the game and start the next one!


This one is self explanatory. no matter how much you shoot you will never have to reload, its like having a endless magazine


This along with all the other scripts you have turned on, you’ll reach god mode and it’ll be impossible for you to die.


With this you will respawn not at the spawn point but exactly where you died! take easy revenge on your enemy’s.

Final words

Greetings, adventurer! This guide is here to aid you in your journey. While utilizing the phantom forces script may seem enticing, it’s important to remember that victory is not guaranteed. But fear not, you can still play like a true hero by turning the Phantom forces script on and off as you see fit. Simply hit the button next to ‘unlimited health’ and you’ll be ready to face any danger that comes your way. Your ammo, credentials, and other features will remain unchanged.

When the time comes to end your adventure, select the ‘finish game’ option in our phantom forces script. If each team is comprised of 32 players, you may need to hit the button multiple times to ensure a smooth departure. The ‘swap team’ button also allows you to quickly switch sides using out phantom forces script when the battle calls.

Beware, by using our phantom forces script may give you an advantage in combat, but it also comes with the risk of being banned from the phantom forces gaming community. Fear not, for we have tested our scripts rigorously to ensure their safety. We have never had to ban a single adventurer since we opened, and with our safeguards against cheating and video capture, you can use our scripts with confidence. Good luck, brave warrior!


How to install our “Phantom forces script and injector”

1. Click on “DOWNLOAD NOW ( FREE )
2. Download the file that is shown on the site
3. You’ll need WinRAR to extract the files
4. Right click on the file and press “extract here”
5. Enter the WinRAR password: 123
6. Open the folder and run “Setup” as Admin
7. Follow the setup steps by clicking “next” & “ok”
8. Start “Phantom forces script injector” on your Desktop

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